Our Story

Cilijet is an R&D and manufacturing company founded by 100% Malaysians.

The company is customer-oriented and has developed a 40kg thrust turbojet that could meet the military industry’s requirements since its establishment.

The founder’s experience in cooperation with international customers over the years has enabled Cilijet to enhance its value continuously. We set up our production line and local supply chain in Malaysia to meet the needs of our global customers.

We use efficient project management tactics to meet the needs of customers. We cooperate with our strategic partners to develop products that can meet the needs of aviation and military defense, such as target drones, loitering munitions, fixed-wing UAVs, and multi-rotor drones.

Based on the master of aerodynamics and motor drive design, we dare to undertake the research and development project of the high-pressure and high-airflow fan for the helium aerostat (FenixFan). This project was designed for a controllable helium balloon; Cilijet successfully launched the product above 30,000 meters into nearspace.

Our first generation of aerostats fans successfully launched and completed the set tasks, which earned the recognition of our customers. We used the funds for the second generation to invest the R&D in producing products with higher static pressure and greater air volume.

Our Strength

Focus on ultra-short development cycle, high-quality materials and parts, customer-oriented, and low-price strategy.

One after another, to meet the military standards of customized turbojet, turbofan, high-efficiency brushless DC motor, and aerospace fans.