NEO Active Pressure Relief System is applied to energy storage containers near seas, deserts, uninhabited environments, etc. The system consists of explosion-proof exhaust fans and electric louvers, which form the Active Pressure Relief System of the BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) container, together with combustible gas detectors and a fire alarm controller. It reduces the concentration of flammable and explosive gases, thereby reducing the pressure to cause damage to internal components and reducing the risk of explosion.

Product Features

Ultra-thin fan
Small size, save space
Electric control, power supply built-in, explosion-proof
Self-test, delay open, and other functions
IP55 Protection
Highest to C5 anti-salt spray
Fan explosion-proof certification
Fire detection report

Product Specifications

Model No.

Opening Size

Outline Dimensions

Air Volume

Rated Power

Working Temperature

Anti-corrosion Grade
1NEO180180*160mm238*218*100mm205m³/h 20W-40℃~70℃C5
2NEO300300*300mm350*350*180mm374m³/h50W-40℃~70℃C4, C5
3NEO350350*400mm400*450*180mm1,411m³/h 120W-40℃~70℃C4, C5
4NEO400400*400mm460*460*183mm1,411m³/h 120W-40℃~70℃C5
5NEO420420*420mm470*470*380mm2,600m³/h 170W-40℃~70℃C4
* We customized rated voltage (AC110V-AC245V) for customers in different countries.

* Explosion-proof Grade: Meet explosion-proof requirements for flammable gas places.

* Remarks: Size and parameters can be customized according to customer needs!


Test Certifications and Standards

Test CertificationStandard
RoHS、REACHAccording to needs
Fan alone Explosion-proofATEX(TUV SUD/UL)
APRS Explosion-proofIECEx
IP LevelIP55,IP66
Salt Spray LevelC5 1000hrs/2250hrs
CE ULAccording to needs
3C CertificationAccording to needs
EMCAccording to needs
Product performance test reportAccording to needs

* Special customization according to customer needs to give certificate ownership.

* APRS = Active Pressure Relief System.