Based on the aerospace high-tech fan technology, the company independently innovates fluid design with aerodynamics simulation, structural design with nozzle and winglet optimization, customized design with various requirements such as high voltage up to DC 900V, high frequency up to AC 400/500Hz, and lighter weight with advanced magnetic material.

Independent Fan Airfluid Design Capability

Customized Motor Drive Solutions

Omni-directional Programmings and Experiments of Aerial Fans

Overall Design and Aeronautical Grade AC/DC Motor

Helium Gas Compressor for Near Space Airship

The near space airship is mainly provided by a helium-filled capsule buoyancy source, combined with the auxiliary airbag to compress air to achieve balance. When the temperature rises during the day, it is necessary to use the helium gas compressor to compress part of the helium in the main airbag to the overpressure helium airbag to adjust the pressures.


Working MediumLimit ConditionInlet Pressure/PaInlet Temperature/℃Quantity of the Flow/m³/hOutlet pressure/Pa
Helium GasRated Working Condition5,780-40≥15≥3,200

Helicopter Engine Filter Fans


LengthDiameterWeightPower SupplyFrequencyInput PowerMaximal Startt-up CurrentRotation Speed
177 mm210 mm6 kgAC 200V400 Hz3 kW45 A11,500 rpm
* Applicable Environment: Temperature: -40℃~+70℃, Storage ambient temperature: -55℃~+70℃, Sand dust, Moderate rain and moderate snow; Damp heat, Salt spray and mold.

In-flight Recirculation Fan

The fan is used to circulate the air in the engine cabin, which can circulate the air every two minutes. The fan is a one-class mixed flow fan, and it adopts the spindle structure, which ensures that the air is subjected to less structural resistance, and the spindle structure can change the direction of the air. 


Operating VoltageOperating CurrentSpeed Rotation Input PowerOperating TemperatureDimension Weight
115/200 vac, 3 phase, 400 Hz9.0 Amp7,700 rpm/minClockwise facing the impeller2.6 kW-54℃~71℃254×357 mm Max8.34 kg Max
* Maximum Air Volume and Pressure: When air density is 1.2254 kg/m³, the air volume is 835 cfm, and static pressure is 3,634 Pa.

Water/Wastewater Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump fan is an air filter vacuum pump with two-stage centrifugal blades, the main function of which is to pump the air from the sewage tank to form a low pressure in the tank. When the flushing valve is opened, the high-pressure air in the cabin will press the dirt in the toilet into the sewage tank. 


Operating VoltageOperating CurrentSpeed Rotation Input PowerOperating TemperatureDimensionWeight
115/200 vac, 3 phase, 400 Hz23,000 rpm/min23,000 rpm/minClockwise facing the impeller5.4 kW-54℃~71℃277×330 mm Max10 kg Max
* Maximum Air Flow and Pressure: 428 m³/h, 30,000 Pa.

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